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Court Rules that “Hoosick Falls” SOL exception applies to Hoosick Falls Litigation- Duh!

Air Pollution

Due Diligence in the Era of Climate Change
GHG Impacts and NEPA
Green Building Initiatives
Legal Issues For Green Leases
Overview of Greenhouse Gases and Emissions Sources
Potential CAA Authorities for Regulating GHG Emissions
Regulating GHG Impacts Under State Environmental Review Laws
State and Regional GHG Emission Trading Systems
Voluntary GHG Emission Private-Sector Trading Markets


2002 CERCLA Brownfield Amendments
CERCLA Windfall Lien
EPA "Common Elements" Guidance
Financing Brownfield Redevelopment
Institutional Controls and Brownfield Sites
RCRA Brownfield Initiatives
Review of Recent State Brownfield Programs
Tips on Redeveloping Brownfields
Use of Prospective Purchaser Agreements

Corporate and Real Estate Transactions

Abandonment of Contaminated Property Under the Bankruptcy Code
Allocating Liability in Transactions
Bankruptcy 363 Sales and Environmental Liability
Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions
Impact of the Supreme Court Aviall decision on Corporate Transactions
Liability of Dissolved Corporations
Liability of Franchisors
Liability of ParentCorporations
Liability of Successor Corporations
Rejection of Lease of Contaminated Property under the Bankruptcy Code
Sales of Contaminated Property "Free and Clear" Under the Bankruptcy Code
Supreme Court BestFoods Decision
Top Ten Due Diligence Mistakes

Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities

2000 Revisions to EPA Audit Policy
EPA and State Audit Policies
Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Requirements
New Jersey ISRA
SEC Disclosure for GHG After Sarbanes-Oxley
SEC Disclosure Requirements
State Deed Notice Requirements
State Disclosure Statutes

Due Diligence

2002 CERCLA Brownfield Amendments
Contiguous Property Owner Defense
Cost-effective diligence
Due Diligence in the Era of Climate Change
EPA Audit Policy
EPA Common Elements Guidance
EPA's All Appropriate Inquiry Rule
How Phase 1 Reports Can Hurt Clients If Not Done Properly
Innocent PurchasersDefense
Third Party Defense
Top Ten Due Diligence Mistakes
Using the ASTM E1527-00 Phase I Standard

Indoor Air

Asbestos-Containing Building Materials
LBP Disclosure Rule
LBP Pre-Renovation Disclosure Rule
Lead-based Paint (LBP)
LPB Debris Rule
NYDEC Draft Vapor Intrusion Guidance
Primer On Vapor Intrusion
Vapor Intrusion Basics

Lender Liability

1996 Lender Liability Amendments
1997 Lender Liability Update
1998LenderLiability Update
2000 Lender Liability Update
CERCLA Windfall Lien
Overview of Lender Liability Under Environmental Laws
RCRA Lender Liability Rule
State Lender Statutes

Underground Storage Tanks

Home Heating Oil Tanks
Regulation of USTs
Using State UST Trust Funds
UST and Lease Issues
UST Lender Liability