Regulatory Assistance

In this global economy, businesses must innovative and be able to react quickly to changes in the marketplace. However, additions or changes to plant equipment, substitution of raw materials that are used in manufacturing processes or even changes in product schedules may require the issuance of new permits or modify existing permits. Failure to modify an existing permit could inhibit the ability of a purchaser to implement its business plan for the new business. Moreover, a host of new complicated requirements are being imposed that could increase compliance costs and further delay the manufacture and introduction of new products.

regulatory-assistance-300x203 Regulatory AssistanceWe can not only help clients with their permitting obligations but also guide them through the innovative regulatory reforms being implemented by EPA and many states that provide greater flexibility to purchasers of businesses while minimizing interference with business plans and operations. We can also help clients explore the benefits of various self-reporting initiatives that allow companies and purchasers to reduce potential penalties for past violations in exchange for implementing pro-active measures and supplemental environmental projects.

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