Preferred Environmental Consultant (PEC) Program

Environmental Due Diligence is a combined legal and technical exercise that requires good interaction between the environmental consulting and environmental legal teams. If one team does not perform its role well, this can affect costs and effectiveness of the due diligence project. For example, if an environmental consultant is not familiar with the NY Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) report and template requirements, this can result in multiple legal reviews and increased legal fees. Likewise, attorneys who do not understand the ASTM E1527 standard may seek unwarranted changes to environmental reports that can increase report costs and delay finalization of a phase 1 report.

As part of our effort to provide cost-effective and value-added services to our clients,  Schnapf LLC has launched its Preferred Environmental Consulting (PEC) Program. We have established relationships with environmental consulting firms that we believe consistently produce high-quality work and have expertise with the requirements of the various remedial programs administered by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). Because we know these PEC partners will produce work product that will require less legal review than other firms, we will be able to offer clients who use our PEC partners innovative fixed or discounted fees.

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