New DEC Interactive Map Expedites Environmental Due Diligence

Performing environmental due diligence has become easier with the launch of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation DECInfo Locator.

Until the launch of this website, consultants and attorneys seeking information about contaminated sites had to file requests under the state Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). The limited NYSDEC FOIL staff usually took weeks to respond to requests and requestors often had to visit agency offices to review dusty paper files.

To promote greater transparency, NYSDEC launched its DEC Info Locator project. Environmental reports and permits have been scanned and may be viewed electronically. Orders on consent beginning with January 2019 and documents from administrative hearings dating back to 2017 are currently available. Older consent orders and administrative materials will be added in future iterations of DECinfo Locator.

The interactive map also provides  data about environmental quality of specific sites around the state and information about outdoor recreational sites. More than 50 data layers are available.

The DEC Info Locator website is available at:

A YouTube video is available to help users explore the site.

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