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Air Pollution

In a global economy, businesses must innovative and be able to react quickly to changes in the marketplace. However, additions or changes to plant equipment, substitution of raw materials that are used in manufacturing processes or even changes in product schedules may require require the issuance of new air pollution permits or modification of the existing permit which can inhibit the ability of companies to respond to market forces. Moreover, a host of new complicated requirements are being imposed that could increase compliance costs and further delay the manufacture and introduction of new products.

Fortunately, the federal EPA and many states environmental agencies are implementing regulatory reforms that may provide businesses with greater flexibiloty for meeting air pollution requirements while minimizing interference with business plans and operations. For example, under a new federal air pollution program, companies that reduce their air emissions can sell the rights to emit those air pollutants. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy the pollution rights than install additional
pollution control equipment.

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