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“Mr. Schnapf approaches all of his government interactions possessing a
consummate knowledge of the facts and regulatory procedures that is rare
in most private practitioners. His ability to be both constructive and
cooperative in working with government regulators is evidenced by the
many amicable and successful resolutions he has achieved to the benefit
of his clients.”

- NYSDEC official

“Dealing with Larry Schnapf is easy, informative, and yielded actual results….Larry is quite practical, honest, and  treats his clients fairly.”

- Anonymous

“Larry’s knowledge of the Brownfield Cleanup Program as well as the inner workings of the various agencies involved was invaluable.  We could not possibly have considered developing our site without his technical expertise.”

- Samuel G. Gaccione, Executive Vice President, Development TNS Development Group Ltd., Great American Construction Corp.

“Larry has done a great job representing us in a delicate matter. His legal expertise, easy accessibilty and sound advice has been greatly appreciated. He is indeed a great consigliori.”

- Anonymous